About Heather

Heather Bowen Ray after

Coaching Credentials

Master’s Degree, Johns Hopkins University | PN L1 Certified Coach | PN L2 Certified Coach (April 2021)

Certified Online Teacher/Trainer, UMKC | University-level coaching experience | RPCV

Hi, I'm Heather, wellness writer and habits coach.

What I do for clients like you is reduce stress and overwhelm. I’ve been writing and researching health and behavior change topics for decades.

As a voracious reader, I love to learn about personal development and behavior change. My goal is to share strategies I learn with my clients directly, one person at a time.

Hey, just for the record, I’m not “Ms. Habit Perfection”. I’m a habits coach for dreamers and creatives. Almost everyone struggles to “do what they set out to do” at some point. The goal is improvement, not behaving like a robot.

Each one of us has the opportunity to become our own “habits whisperer.” To me, a habits whisperer is someone motivated by deep desires and loving kindness, rather than fear appeals and instant gratification. 

Want to know how to do that? Give me a call.  We are stronger when we reach out for support. You can do this. I’m here to help.

Heather's Story

Both of my parents were teachers, so I have teaching and coaching in my blood. As a teen, I coached kids learning to swim. In college I coached journalism students at the campus radio station. After college, as a member of the Peace Corps, I served as a safe motherhood and child survival volunteer training local trainers and teaching new mothers about nutrition. At jobs in Washington, DC, I trained and mentored colleagues. I’ve taught university students and professionals in Missouri, Kansas, and Colorado about a variety of behavior-based topics. 

In 2016 I decided to apply all this behavioral change knowledge to myself. Culminating the advice of many mentors and a super trainer, I lost over 40 pounds. People wanted to know what I did to lose weight, and I realized I had learned a process I wanted to share. So, I earned new coaching certifications and started “The Habits Whisperer” coaching business. 

Today, my coaching tends to attract wellness entrepreneurs and creatives who want a plan to feel less overwhelmed in daily life. 

Clients come to me to develop habits around:

  • food / fitness
  • clutter / organization
  • money / entrepreneurship
  • and more.


What habit would you like to make? Or break?


Find a greater sense of flow and accomplishment.


  • Avoiding assumptions
  • Researching facts
  • Finding evidence
  • Coaching without judgement
  • Embracing the human experience
  • Finding what works
  • Enjoying the process


The Habits Whisperer approach works for men and women who want to rediscover their most vibrant selves. Perhaps they feel stuck at a crossroads and need help identifying the next steps to reach their goals. Or they know what to do but aren’t doing it, and want to shed unproductive patterns. In either case, a guide can help.

Goal oriented

Habit-based coaching helps clients look beyond "the quick fix" to make lasting change. Clients explore their stories and their deeper reasons for their behavior, to find deeper meaning and satisfaction in their food and movement choices. They find what truly works for their life, on their terms.


Fantastic results speak for themselves