Unlock your healthy potential

Using the power of improved daily habits, you can avoid the traps of short-term thinking and write your own success story. 

Heather Bowen Ray

Meet Heather

Hi! I’m Heather Bowen Ray, and I work personally with wellness entrepreneurs and creative professionals who are struggling to implement the holistically healthy, energetic lives they envision. 

With healthy habits coaching, clients finally pinpoint the “missing pieces” — the precise habits and strategies they need to feel in control of habits around food, clutter, and money — to finally lead more satisfying lives.

Say good riddance to bad habits and develop habits that truly serve you to live the life you want.

Discover your FLOW

Do you strive to live a more energetic, capable, vibrant and resilient life? Yet feel you’re sliding backward or at a standstill in certain areas? The global pandemic mixed with easy access to unhealthy foods, plus a culture of numbing lead you to a cycle of endless trying

When you feel you’ve tried it all and are just so f***ing over it, you are ready for The Habits Whisperer. It’s time to go deeper, explore your story, and create a clear roadmap to permanent positive change. 

Using daily habits and a sense of ease, you can avoid impulsive living and begin to create a life by design. Find what you really want, at the deepest level. Whether that’s more personal time for self-care, quality time with your family or kids, or finding new ways to express yourself, you can do it. 

Reach your goals and tap your greater human potential with The Habits Whisperer.

The Process


1. Assess

What’s NOT working for you?


2. Envision

What are your true priorities?


3. Learn

Where are the holes in your health & fitness knowledge?


4. Habitize™

What specific habits can you form that will best serve your purpose and fit your life?


5. Storycize™

What stories are you telling yourself?


6. Support

Who & what’s holding you back?


7. Sustain

How can you have some freaking fun with this?


Fantastic results speak for themselves